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Lightning Network

Veltor strives to implement the Lightning Network and solving the so called Lightning Network’s Failure Mode. Additionally this provides viable transaction confidentiality without bloating the blockchain.

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Thor's Riddle

Veltor's proof of work algorythm uses a combination of Shavite, Skein, Shabal and Streebog-512/Gost.

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Plans for the Future

Our vision is to enter exchanges like CoinEx, Changelly, and Bitcoin future with a cryptocurrency that will shift the personal finance industry, and make transcation capacities exceeding these of Visa and Mastercard whilst providing cutting edge trasnaction confidentiality.


Through the incentives proof of work protocol, a efficient and resillient decentralised Network keeps the ledger's working uninterrupted.


State of the art encryption technology and backend framework provides the ideal buildingblocks for desktop, mobile payment applications and automated bitcoin trading applications like bitcoin loophole software application.


Deflation and unmanipulatable moneysupply makes the choice between fiat currencies or Veltor a nobrainer.